Email Deliverability Specialist

Mumbai, Maharashtra Salesforce Marketing Cloud

13 May 2020

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Full Time


5 - 7 years

  • Resolve issues with clients' email marketing programs
  • Resolve Deliverability and anti-spam problems
  • Analyze logs to search for deliverability issues
  • Implement and maintain whitelist and FBL agreements with major ISPs
  • Monitor IP/Domain and blacklist daily
  • Troubleshoot deliverability issues through contact with ISPs
  • Provide best practices for internal and external clients
  • Advanced knowledge of email automation (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) and other aspects related to email delivery
  • Deep knowledge of deliverability policies, spam scoring, and bounce handling logic
  • Proven experience in building and maintaining whitelists and relationships with ISPs