Cluster Head Media

Mumbai Media Planning

18 May 2023


Media Planning

Media & Communications

Full Time


12 - 14 years

Experience: 12+ years

A very strong client facing talent. Who has a mix of Media and Influencer partnership background and can lead the team and a set of clients across all our offering. Actively involved in pitches and day-to-day business. Drive revenue for the cluster.

Effectively runs the day-to-day planning on key accounts. Builds and develops media strategy and planning across Digital media platforms for a Cluster or Set of client lists. Works with other departments to ensure to build a healthy Client-Agency relationship.

  • Complete knowledge of the cluster that you are leading along with the unit’s processes
  • Set the overall vision of the cluster that you would be leading and the buying product/function – with clear annual strategies agreed, implemented, and tracked on a regular basis
  • Set goals for self and the team keeping the account realities and individual development needs in the respective cluster
  • Customized training requirements for the team
  • Set the standard for all processes that pertain to implementation and investment within the cluster and the team
  • Inspired and motivated the team to deliver high-performance output by providing regular and constructive feedback
  • Maintained a positive, motivating, and inspiring team culture
  • Constantly share your knowledge with others and maintain open communication channels throughout the agency
  • Construct negotiation strategies to deliver on client’s objectives
  • Identifying opportunities to value ad on the existing deal
  • Demonstrate selling skills with the ability to sell in deals, media plans/initiatives to clients
  • Define a long-term media owner roadmap and strategy.