Back-end Developer- PHP Wordpress

Mumbai, Maharashtra Tech

20 May 2023

Mumbai, Maharashtra



Full Time


4 - 6 years

700000 - 1500000 INR


    Key Responsibilities: ·

  •  Design and implement backend systems for various web applications and websites. ·
  •  Develop and maintain Wordpress websites, ensuring optimal performance and security. ·
  •  Collaborate with the Front-end development team to integrate the backend systems with the Front-end. ·
  •  Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code. · 
  • Debug and resolve technical issues related to the backend systems. ·
  •  Ensure the quality of the codebase by performing code reviews and testing. ·
  •  Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. 


  •  Strong expertise in PHP and familiar with its limitations and workarounds · 
  • Well-versed with open-source CMS such as WordPress and Drupal. 
  •  Knowledge of frontend technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript. · 
  • Excellent relational database skills with MySQL · 
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools such as Git. ·
  •  Good problem-solving skills. ·
  •  Familiarity with coding best practices. · Awareness of security and optimization practices. ·
  •  Experience with headless architecture and API development