Resource Manager

Mumbai Human Resources

29 Aug 2022


Human Resources


Job Overview  

Position Description

The candidate will be responsible for  efficient planning of resources, forecasting requirements, allocation of existing resources, budgeting, time management (utilization assessment), and reporting. The role requires the candidate to work together with various teams across departments.

Job Functions/Duties And Responsibilities

·         Responsible for resource management (planning and mapping  resources to projects to get maximum efficiency, and Bench management)

·                 Administer actual cost vs budget and determining project related corrective action where necessary in connection with resources

·         Responsible for financial oversight including budgeting, forecasting, resource allocations.

·         Facilitate the creation of critical hire justifications, and forecasting to facilitate recruitment in conjunction with the hiring managers.

·         Execute frequent reports to ensure departments’ financials and headcount are forecasted appropriately to work efforts and within budget to projects; partner with departments to resolve deviations from allocations.

Skills Required

·        5+ years of relevant experience in resource planning and relevant understanding of technical roles (frontend, backend, QA, UX, Content Author, CMS - Sitecore, Wordpress etc.)

·         Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to produce high quality work independently and work well in a team

·         In depth knowledge of project management methodologies & best practices

·         Ability to interact with all levels of the company with patience, courtesy, diplomacy, professionalism and confidentiality

·         Proficiency with resource management tools and platforms